Dear Clients,

We are extremely excited to announce our latest edition of Entirehr_VersionRelease Notes 8.8.pdf.

Here is a personal message from EntireHR CEO Stephen Thomson providing a brief outline of the new features, why this new release is special to us and a big thank you for your continued support.

Software Improvements

This version includes major improvements in the below modules to help manage various important business functions through this software:-
  • Recruitment Module specially the way we are handling reapplies, Non Compliant applications.
  • CRM Stage 2 & 3 is released. If you have subscribed for the add-on CRM then you will be getting all changes in CRM by default. The integrated CRM will now allow you to track your applications screening process, track and log all communication for Applicants, Members, Clients  & Staff - basically full tracking of SMS & Emails sent to any external users.
  • The CRM comes with a full "Units of work" and performance KPI functions for every user type and every contact made. 
  • Finally the New Staff App CRM feature to allow you to track your Sales managers  their meetings, their calls, their output and to have them check-In/check-out of client locations.
  • Various New Reports as per client driven feedback
  • Allocations have many improvements like Revised Member Card having Expertise details, Member Contact Card having Member Check-In Tracking & Create Logs, All Searches now have functionality of Travel KMS calculation & few new options in Quick/New Booking.
  • Client Module has a heavily requested large upgrade to increase your bookings! Now, you can allow your clients to:-
    1. Release Shifts
    2. Select Multiple Members - Broadcast
    3. Auto Alert to Agency as soon as shift gets created.
    4. Alert to Member via SMS/Push Notification.

  •  Members App: Check-In/Check-Out Functionality integrated with Time-sheet Submission.
  • The Single Touch Payroll feature has been created and is now pending for approval from the ATO Product verification testing team. We are expecting to get full approval no later than the 31st of May 2018.

There are many more features added in this release. For a detailed breakdown of these features please download the Professional Version Release Notes 8.8 found here: Entirehr_VersionRelease Notes 8.8.pdf

We would like to thank our Development team for their fantastic effort in making all these new features possible in such a short time span.

Please feel free to give your feedback on  

Hardware Improvements for the security of your business

Know that Entire have been investing serious time and energy to safeguarding your business in the best most economical way possible for you.

This work was recently successfully completed our final upgrade of the hardware hosting environment last week to enhance the capability of servers to handle more pressure & to be highly responsive.

The other key component of this upgrade was adding additional parallel hardware machines in the most crucial component of the hardware setup, this will allow each Hypervisor to respond fully independently which will greatly reduce the downtime of systems in the event of a rare crash that we experienced for the first time this year. 

Details of a few of these improvements are:-

 - Replaces servers memory with the SAN memory (highly available storage)
 - Additions of a third parallel Hypervisors to avoid down times caused by a potential hypervisor crash
 - Addition of robust firewalls for added security.
 - Addition of Clustered database server setup to avoid database data loss.
 - One hour incremental backups daily & weekly full backups retention. 

Download Members App Check-In/Check-Out Manual on the click of below link.