To delete an infection please follow the below steps

1. Select 'Infections' found in the footer of any page

When the Infection Control screen appears, review the list of infections and locate the one you wish to remove.  

Please note, for a quick search, you can start typing the name of the service location in the Service Location box

When you have located the infection you want to take out of the system, please click on the rubbish bin located on the far right hand side of the infection.

You will receive a confirmation message, please press OK to proceed.

Please note:  the no infections present will only be reflected in shifts entered from the time the infection was deleted.  Any future shifts that were already in existence will not automatically update to reflect that there is no infection.  The future shifts will need to be cancelled and entered again so they reflect that there is no infection present.

When there is no infection present, EntireHR displays the service location name in the standard blue text.