There are two main options within EntireHR that can be used to publish shifts to Multiple Members on the Mobile App and Desktop Portal. While very similar each have specific differences that mandate how the shift is displayed and who it is displayed too.

A Released shift will show to all Members matching the shift and system criteria in the Released section of the App and Portal while a broadcast allows internal system users to handpick which Members will be able to view and accept/decline the shift from "My Shifts"

Released Shifts
If a shift is released in the system it will become visible via the App and Portal under "Released Shifts" for all Members matching the shift and system criteria. 

Example of Released shifts via Member App
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Broadcast Shift
A broadcast shift can be used to reserve shifts to be visible to selected Members via the Portal and App. If a Member is Broadcast into a shift it will be visible under "My Shifts" in the App or Portal.

Example of a Broadcast shift via Member App

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