There are two types of users in entireHR. Internal and External. 

If you are trying to add a new internal staff member for the first time - How to create a login for new internal staff


These are your internal staff, your recruiters, allocators, finance officers and managers. They can have many different levels of authority and access within the system, and if someone forgets to log out you can do that here as well.


These are your personnel, your workers, your applicants, your clients and your clients staff. They can each be accessed using the logins dropdown from the top menu, shown below.

Depending on your authority level, you may see the passwords of the external users as " Protected ", this is for added security. However, even if you can't see the password, as as long as you can access this page, you will be able to send out login details to the entered email.

To learn more about the different types of users and how they work, please go here: