SMS & Push Notifications can be sent from multiple locations within the system. The location of these screens is shown below and "Templates" can be selected from these screens to greatly speed up the sending process.

If you want to learn how to customise the SMS and Push notifications templates that can be selected please check out this article:SMS & Push Notification Templates

Recruitment Inbox to Applicants:

Allocations screen sending an SMS to a member -

Here you can see how the date, time, location and names of those involved are able to be " loaded " automatically as they are already predefined in the SMS Template Master. 

Using the " Contact Member " option in the footer of every screen in your web portal shown below:

Once there, you can filter by many different options, staff locations, statuses, particular skill sets to pick the correct groups:

Please note - Push Notifications can currently only be sent to the Member App, not to Clients or to Applicants.