Within the Personnel Card there is a Mandatory and a Must Comply Column for the Recruitment Stages. Please see below further information of the two column types and what they display.

Mandatory Column

Provides the recruiter with the required information/steps to move an applicant to an active member.
The column directly next to Mandatory highlights the status of this stage and can show different information depending on the following:
  • -- : No Data has been entered in the recruitment stage.
  • NOT COMPLETED:  Data has been entered but has not been finalised
  • COMPLETED: This stage has the required data and has been finalised
  • NA: This recruitment stage is not applicable to the applicant i.e. Visa Details could be a Mandatory stage but not applicable to Australian Permanent Residents
  • REFERENCES (1,2,3): Shows the number of reference checks completed on the profile.

Must Comply Column

Highlights any Recruitment Stages that have been set in the Masters as Compliance Required. 
If compliance is required the column will say Yes, if it is not required it will show No.

The column next to Must Comply labelled Non-Compliant shows if the Recruitment Stage is compliant or not.
If the column says:
  • YES: The Recruitment Stage is Not Compliant and the profile will show in the Non-Compliant inbox in the recruitment dashboard
  • NO: The Recruitment Stage is Compliant and it will not flag the profile as Non-Compliant

To learn how to set/adjust the Mandatory/Must Comply settings please visit: Mandatory and Must Comply settings for Recruitment Stages