If your organisation works in the health services industry and employs anyone with an AHPRA number that has yearly expiries you can update these automatically en Mass and check for any new conditions attached to their registration. Please note: This requires an employer AHPRA login to complete most health orientated agencies will already have one. If you don't you can apply for one off the AHPRA website here: 

  1. Go to Reports > Member Detail Report
  2. Select Registration Details with all of your office locations ticked
  3. Export to an Excel file
  4. In the Excel file, remove the additional headings or rows in the report (varies by your company), filtering to just the AHPRA Registration numbers
  5. Copy the column of Registration Numbers only and paste into a new NOTE PAD/TXT file and save (NOTEPAD/TXT is required by AHPRA site).
  6. Login to your AHPRA Employer Portal
  7. From the Home Page Login Navigate to Registration > Employer Services > Check Employee Registration Status. From here you can upload the Registration Numbers File and submit to AHPRA.
  8. AHPRA will then return the file with all numbers in an Excel file with every new expiry date, condition and undertaking associated with each Registration Number
  9. Copy and paste the data into file here: AHPRA-Registration-Status V1.0.xls
  10. Delete the "SAMPLE" excel sheet in this file - this is only to show you the correct format and it will cause an error if you try to upload with this sample sheet.
  11. This AHPRA file can then be uploaded in enitreHR by going to Profiles>Members>Registration Update Utility
  12. Once uploaded here the file can be used to update all the AHPRA Registration numbers of your members at the same time.