These should both be very welcome changes that will speed up the process of filling shifts considerably!

  1. We have removed the "Duplicate Member Number" warning when "APPOINTING" your agency into a shift/s.
    -Now you can put the same number into 1000 shifts if you need to.
    -This change was made based on feedback it was hard to tell which numbers were where, when you had a large number of shifts to manage (it is agency's responsibility to ensure you do not have any overlapping shift times).
  2. We have removed the "ASSIGNED" step after "APPOINTING" your agency name into the shift, so once you appoint the Agency name the shift will automatically be "ACCEPTED". This means you should put the name of the worker into the shift BEFORE you click "APPOINT".
    -The ASSIGNED area is now completely removed. 
    -This step was made to speed up the process of putting a name against a shift, and removes 3 button clicks.
If you do forget to enter the name against the shift before "Appointing" your Agency that is ok, you can still select the shifts and click the blue "NOTE" icon to save the name (screenshot below). Image Placeholder

We are still taking feedback on the process and will continue the process based on RCSA & Agency feedback as needed.