Shift Entered: 
The shift has been entered into the system by RCSA and is available to be worked on by any agency.

Member Assigned: Agency is in the transition process of filling the booking.

Member Accepted: An agency has covered the deficit and name is yet to be provided by RCSA to the client.

Shift Booked: Booking is confirmed with all parties (agency staff name has been provided and this has been approved with client).

Client Confirmed: A previously booked shift has been updated / agency staff has been swapped + name change required to the facility.

Member Pulled Out: A shift previously listed as Shift Booked has been reopened by RCSA due to the agency staff no longer being able to cover. 

Client Cancel: The shift has been cancelled by the client and is awaiting acknowledgement from the agency.

Shift Cancelled: 
The booking has been cancelled by the client AND the cancellation has been acknowledged by the agency.

If you are encountering any other issues please contact and for assistance. Please include "RCSA" in the subject line.