Agenda for RCSA Agency Users Tutorial

 Display / Layout of Screen / Sections

Automation of Screen according to shift progress (the shift cycle = referred to by EntireHR as Shift Status)

Process Section = All Vacant Bookings

Hold Section = Transition Stage Only - RCSA limit of 5 minutes

Completed = All Filled Bookings

Navigating the Screen (Filters and Columns)
Shift Status & Centre Column* = Colour Code Unique to Shift Status

*Number in Centre Column = Priority to Fill (1 = Most Important)

Member Column = Agency Name*

*Tip: Use this column to filter for bookings your agency has covered as/if required

Shift Status Notes = Specific Agency Staff First & Last Name*

*Tip: Use this column to filter for your specific agency staff you have booked

Client Name = Name of Facility*

*Tip: Select the Client Name to View Client Contact Details


1.     Viewing Screen in Real-Time

o   Refresh

o   Unlock

o   Filters


2.     Filling a Booking

3.     Name Change for a Booking

4.     Unable to Replace a Name Change (Member Pulled Out)

5.     Client Cancelled Bookings