There is no ability to delete a Professionals profile in the system, much like you cannot delete a member. The reason you are not able to delete a Professional's profile is for compliance purposes as all the data linked to the user would be removed leaving data missing in the the system.  If a Professional no longer works at a location or you wish to restrict their access you are able to remove their profile from a Client Location/s

The first step to removing a Professional from a location is finding out which location they are linked too.

If you are not sure this can easily be done by Searching for the Professional. (If you do not know how to do this please visit this help document: How to edit a Professional's profile )

From this page search for the Professional and select Clients Locations. This will provide a list of all locations this Professional has access to.

To remove the Professionals access to these locations

Go to Client Bobble in the Web portal > Search for the Client > Click on Professionals tab >  Delete the professional using the button shown in the screenshot below