Professionals are generally the staff of your clients, often they will be key staff, like Managers, Financial Supervisors or Team Leaders. 

Professionals can be distinguished as separate from a client and be attached to multiple clients. This can be useful when Professionals move between different locations but obviously stay in the same industry or if the professional is a case worker for multiple individual clients. 

Professionals names are needed to authorise both the ordering of a shift and the confirmation from the client side that the shift is acceptable. (i.e. that someone with authority is actually booking the shift) as such it makes sense to make sure every client you have has at least 1 professional attached to them. 

Professionals come with their own unique ID (eg. PRF000001) separate to clients, this enables them to also log in to the Clients App as well as the Online Client portal. Clients can only access the only portals as personal IDs are required for Mobile phone Apps.

Professionals can have several different levels of authority, that actually hide or display different information.

If you are interested in having Entire assist with a manual import of professionals, or want to know about the different authority levels - please download this informational sheet: Professional Tutorial & Import Sheet..xlsx

If you just want to create a professional right now you can go to Profiles > Professionals > Add New Professional. We recommend downloading the import sheet about which will help you in what data to enter.