To create a professional in the system please follow the below steps.

1. Hover the mouse over Profiles found in the drop down menu.
2. Scroll the mouse down over Professionals
3. Move the mouse across to the right and down to select Add new Professional.

4. You will be directed to the Add New Professional screen. Once this has loaded it is recommended to fill in as many fields as possible, ensuring all mandatory fields marked with * are entered.

5. Select Confirm Client(s) to add to the list of locations accessible to the professional.

*Location details*
It is important to note that professionals can be added to more than one service location. If you wish for them to have access to selected service locations only it must be entered in the Service location field and added to the list. If you select the Admin location only it will add all service locations linked to the list below. Please view the two examples below for further explanation.

Example 1 - The below Image shows two service locations selected allowing the professional to access: Consortium Denstock & Consortium Pop Impact Blusstar but not the other two locations within the Admin Location. 

Example 2 - If no service location is selected it will add all locations within the admin location.