For a client to use the App you will need to add a client as a Professional (an individual staff member of a client).

More about Professionals here - What is a Professional / Create a Professional if you're new to them and what types there are and how you can customise their access levels.

Once you've created the professional, to get them onto the app;

  1. Go to Logins
  2. Search the Professionals details
  3. Select the professional
  4. Click "send professional details"

The main benefits of using the App is that Clients can;
  • request bookings that will feed directly to your allocations screen
  • directly appoint staff
  • view the status of current open bookings/cancel them/accept who is appointed
  • they can also view a full history of the last 100 shifts per client. 
  • place restrictions or make requests for staff they like
  • view/query/approve time-sheets submitted by members on the app. 

For more detail please access our EntireHR App Tutorials which fully details with screenshots all the options of the Client App in more detail.