Priority is a powerful tool designed to put the power of your internal rankings of your members and clients into practice. It is shown on the allocations booking screen so your internal allocations staff (especially new staff) can see who your valuable clients and personnel are. This assists in making bookings, so you send your best customers your highest quality and most reliable staff and keeping your most important business relationships strong. Priorities are not shown to clients or members. 

To edit priorities follow the snap below  >  Masters > Main Masters > Priorities

How does the priority master work?

Standby option - Visible & functional or Visible & NOT functional (for Member) can be controlled by priority, for example in the above spreadsheet 9 would be the level that Standby is not an option for the member.

Released shifts - Again on the above example Member priority 10 would be where Released shifts are not seen by those members.

Generally you would not use 1 for a standard client or member priority, it is generally best used as a short term promotional or fixer number. For example, if you leave a client out to the cold by having to cancel several shifts for them at the last minute and they become frustrated you could change their priority to 1 so all staff know that client really needs the best staff first before they do anything else. Then when the dust has settled the number can be changed back to normal.

These settings can be adjusted at any time.


Client Priority Example



Member Priority Example