A Bank State Branch or commonly known as a BSB is a 6 digit code branch identifier.

Over time new banks are opened and some are closed, due to this BSB codes are frequently changing. EntireHR has access to view, edit and inactive BSBs within your system masters to assist in managing these and keep your database current.

To access Bank BSBs

Please select: Masters > Main Masters > Banks BSB

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Before creating a new BSB it is always best to check that it's not already created.

To search and check a BSB

The search filters can be found directly below each column header. To search for an existing BSB please enter the 6 digit code under the BSB column.

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If the BSB is:

Showing in Masters but not for Members/Applicants
Check the status column as it may be inactive.

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If inactive you will need to edit the BSB entry.

To edit a BSB

Please select the pencil icon directly next to the BSB to edit.

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In the case where a BSB is Inactive, you can click on the drop-down option for status, once changed to active select the green tick to save. 

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Not showing in Masters
You will need to create the BSB in Masters.

Before creating a BSB it is recommended to check the BSB details via a website such as http://bsb.apca.com.au/ . 

A website such as the one above will provide you with the correct Bank name and suburb which is needed to create a new BSB.

To create a new BSB

Select Add new Bank.

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The below entry screen will appear. You will need to enter data for all the mandatory fields marked with a red * (BSB, Bank Name and State). To save click on the green tick.
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If you want to add multiple BSBs for the same bank you can use the additional fields to add these at the same time.

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Please note do not add in the suburb when adding multiple BSB's simultaneously.