How you can change the Invoice Billing address details in Invoice?

There are a number of flags which may be set to define what is displayed in the invoice address block. The user must be mindful of how many lines will be displayed when setting these flags, particularly for invoices delivered by Post, as the number of lines will need to be consistent with the size of the address block window of the envelopes that are in use.

If all flags are set, and both Address Line 1 and Address Line 2 are used, a maximum of seven (7) lines will be displayed on the invoice. If none of the flags are set, and Address Line 2 is not used, a minimum of three (3) lines will be displayed. See below for the address block structure, with the maximum number of lines being displayed. The screenshot shows where the optional information is set up in the Finance Portal.

Line 1:   ADMIN LOCATION NAME (Optional - 1)
Line 3:  Address Line 1
Line 4:  Address Line 2 (Optional - 2)
Line 6:  Attn: Attention Name (Optional - 3)
Line 7:  Re: Delivery Location Name (Optional - 4)