Within entireHR there are many emails sent automatically to different people based on the actions of your internal staff members.

You can find a full list of these emails here: Email Set Up Tutorial.pdf

These actions can include " screening"  an applicant or booking an interview with someone or number of other specific statuses through recruitment and some other modules as well.

Below you can see what the different statuses represent and when the emails get generated. If you do wish to customise the emails yourself, simply request the email files from your entireHR support representative. 
IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN EDITING EMAIL TXT FILES: do not remove any ****, #### or < >, these represent where coding is automatically pulling data for you. Removing or changing the structure of these will cause errors which can be hard to find. All normal text you can see (explanations, welcomes and how do you do's) can be moved and changed at will.

Please return to us in notepad .txt format when you are finished. 

Please note: hyperlinks can be included in the emails, however formatting of text and images/logos cannot…YET (this feature is planned in a future release).