Within the Casual Application page, there is a field labelled "Areas of Speciality"

This is an optional field that can be hidden on Application Page and is designed to capture any additional skills/interests outside of your Qualification and Expertise lists.

It is mainly used as an additional field to review during the initial screening of an applicant.

Some examples of how this field can be used:

  • Would they be happy to work in Rural/Remote Areas?
  • Do they speak a second language?

To view and update these settings please follow the below steps.

1. Access Masters > Member Master > Recruitment Areas of Interest

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2. Review your active settings (if applicable)

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3. To edit or inactive any select the Pencil icon.

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4. In the editor screen, you can update:
Industry - Select the industry you want this setting to show against
Code - Create a code that links with the description of the area of speciality.
Location - Enter the description you wish to appear on the applicant portal
Display order - Order in how it shows in the drop-down list
Status -  If Active the value will show on the application page if set to inactive it will not show.

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To create a new option select the + Icon.
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Enter data in all the mandatory fields marked with a red * and select the green tick to save.

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