Step - 1

Open the app store.
Search for app “Microsoft Remote Desktop"

Install it.

Step - 2

Open the installed app “Microsoft Remote Desktop"
Click + (New) on main menu bar
In the General tab (open here by default)

Enter the details as below :-
Connection name - Entire Demo
PC name - as provided by Entire Software (example -119.X.XXX.XXX)
User name - as provided by Entire Software (example - George)
Password - as provided by Entire Software (example - g@og78)

Leave the other fields as it is.
Close the current window.

Step - 3
Click “Start" on the main menu bar.
If verify certificate message appears on your screen, click “continue” to proceed.

Click the “Entire demo” icon located on the desktop.

That’s it, you are in.

To exit, simple log out of windows by clicking - Start > User > Log out.