A Cache is like the short term memory of an internet browser that stores web pages, images and multimedia from your browsing history to help load new page requests faster.

Due to how a Cache stores past data it is important that after every system version release you clear your Cache from "All Time". If not existing/new features within EntireHR will not work correctly as it is conflicting with old data.

To clear your Google Chrome Cache:

1. Log out of EntireHR.

2. Follow the instructions below depending on what type of computer you are using.


Press ⌘ + Shift + Delete

Click "Clear browsing data"
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The below pop up screen will appear.

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Check to make sure the time range is set to "All Time". If not click the drop-down and select "All time". 

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Ensure the last option "Cached Images and Files" is ticked and then select Clear Data.
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Please note: if this does not resolve the issue please tick ALL the options (even your saved passwords), and then clear browsing data. Please contact us if you have followed this troubleshooting and are still experiencing issues. 

An enormous amount of testing takes place before every upgrade. However when going live into a new environment there's always a chance something will pop up after a big change. If you do find something unusual, please contact us using the "Submit a Request" link at the top right of this page.