If you are experiencing any of the issues below, they are likely Cache related and can be fixed with the troubleshooting here : How do I clear my Cache?

  1. Weird display issues on the screen, things looking all out of shape.
  2. Clicking on a link or navigating to a page and getting a weird error screen with lots of red text on it or "404" not found.
  3. Unable to login even though your login details are correct and you are under your user maximum licensed users.
  4. Information not loading correctly, such as drop-down options, delivery or service locations, client pages or recruitment options.
  5. Extremely slow or spasmodic system when clicking and navigating (and you have checked your internet speed is consistently over 20mbs as recommended). 
To learn more about what on earth a Cache is and why you should care about it - go here: What is a Cache? Why do I need to clear my cache?