The Auto alert via Email / SMS to internal staff - New Booking has the ability to nominate an internal staff member and a phone number to be notified when a Client enters a new booking via the portal. This setting can be found within a locations profile under Online Permissions.

If you wish to set this up for the first time within a Clients profile you are required to create an email template. Please visit How to create an email template for Client Portal Notifications for further information on how to create the template.

Please follow the below steps to turn this on within a Clients profile.

1. Access the Client Search

2. Enter in the Applicable search criteria and select the Clients name.

3. Select the online permissions Tab within the Clients Profile.

Within the Online Permissions scroll to the bottom and set Auto alert via Email / SMS to internal staff - New Booking to Yes. This will generate mandatory data fields to the right that need to be completed.

It is important to note the Email Template and User are required to be entered and the Mobile Number is an optional field.