To add a new client to the system please follow the below steps.

1. Carry out a client search to ensure a profile hasn't already been created.
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If it has please visit the following article to carry out the next steps: How to access and edit a client profile

After confirming that there is no existing profile for the client already created please continue following the below steps. 

2.  Hover over Profiles > Clients > and select Add New Client 

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3. Enter data in all Mandatory fields (Mandatory fields are marked with an *)

Location Type 
There are two options here and it depends on the size/structure of client for which type to choose. To put it simply;
  • Admin - If your client has multiple sites/locations under the one parent company
  • Admin and Service - If your client is a single site/location
Location Function
Location Function is a field against a client profile used to record the core business activity undertaken at a location. To add a location function to your masters please visit: How to add/edit a location function

Servicing Office
Offices are used to group and match Members and Client to geographical areas.

Location Name
Enter the name of the client profile here. 

Group Name
This is an optional field to allow you to group Locations together for reporting purposes.

This is a field to nominate a priority level to the client location. For further information please visit: Member and Client Priorities

When first creating a client there is a 2 step process and status to select is always 'Client Future Opportunity' in this screen.

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You can choose to enter data in the optional fields also.

5. Select Save & Continue once you have completed the fields
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The process will be slightly different depending on the client type you have chosen. Each option is outlined below.


Admin & Service