Sendgrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that is integrated with your system to send emails from your company domain. In order to link your email Domain to your SendGrid account there is a small set-up required.  

Please watch the below video and follow the instructions to set up your Reverse DNS (rDNS) for your email domain.


1. Visit: in your internet browser

2. Enter the user credentials shared with you

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3. Access Settings > Sending Authentication, once you are logged in

4. Choose Get started to set up your Domain Authentication and Link Branding

The process to do this is quite straight forward, please watch the video available above for further assistance.

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5. Choose your email host and follow the steps

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6. Copy and update the DNS records to your domain account.

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Please note some DNS hosts will automatically add your top-level domain to the end of DNS records you create, which can turn a CNAME for “” into “”.

i.e. On Sendgrd states however in your domain settings you would put 'abc123'.

Once these records are updated

7. Tick 'I've added these records' and select Verify.
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This is now complete. 

If you face an error with the verification failing please review the entries in your domain and ensure to remove your domain incase your DNShost will automatically adds your top-level domain to the end of DNS records you create. For example “” into “”. So you only need to add in the component prior to your email domain. 

Once you have this all set up you can review your system email activity and manage any suppressions (Bounces/Blocks)