To run the document expiry report and obtain details of Members with upcoming documents due to expire please follow the below steps.

1. Access Reports > Member Document Expiry Date

2. Choose any documents from the 'Check Specific Document Type' that you would like to check the expiry date. 

To find our which documents are included in the document expiry program please visit your Document Master Settings and review any documents with both of the below settings set to Yes.

  • Expiry Date
  • Verification Required
In the below screen show there is only one document that has both the Verfication and Expiry date set to yes which is the Visa Permit.

Image Placeholder

Once you have all of the documents selected we recommend running the report for a date in the future i.e. 3-4 weeks in advance.

Image Placeholder

Once you have selected the specific documents and applied a date in the above field you can can choose the report option.

3. Select Get Report (PDF) or Export to Excel (Excel/CSV download) to run the report

Image Placeholder

If you would like to notify your members of upcoming document expiry you can select the export option to obtain a list of emails that you can copy from the export and paste into the BCC of a generic email.