The Members Detail Report allows users to search and obtain an in-depth report of members details. When running a report there are two different report options available; Get Report and Export Members Report to Excel.

For a detailed description of each type of report please view below.

Get Report  

The Get Report option allows the user to apply different filters to obtain a data set of members matching the criteria.
The filter options available when running a Get Report are highlighted in the below image.

The report provides the member details in the following format:

Please view below for an example of this report with the following fields selected:
  • Office: Sydney & Melbourne
  • Priority: "5 New Member"
  • Employment Status: Active

The results of running this report will provide members meeting the following criteria:
  • Under the Melbourne or Sydney Office
  • Have a members priority of " 5 - New member"
  • Have an employment Status as Active within the system.
Here is an example of the reports results with the selected filters highlighted in red.

Export Report to Excel

The Export Members Report to Excel is data extract report that downloads an excel file directly to the computer and includes most fields that are available within the report options provided.
The Export to Excel option does not provide data based on the selected report options it extracts all data available.

Please note: This is a different setting to the rest of the report within the system as it can be a great tool when analysing members data as it allows you to apply filters within the data set without the need to run a report each time.

By selecting the filter option you are able to sort alphabetically or by text options as shown below.