Casual Application Page Settings

The casual application page is designed to capture key details and information of applicants to assist in your initial screening. This page has many dynamic fields and it is important to review and ensure these are clear and correct prior to using it live.

Please see below a list of recommended area/tasks to review.

Check all recruitment qualifications are appearing on your casual application page
Masters > Member Master > Qualifications / Classifications
Qualification Settings Review
Review all expertises are showing correctly for each qualification and add any additional expertise if required.
Masters > Member Master > Expertise
Expertise Settings Review
How did you hear about us?
Ensure your referral source list has all of your current marketing/advertisement options listed
Masters > Main Masters > Marketing Research
Marketing Research Settings Review
Review and update your experience options to suit your screening preferences
Masters > Member Master > Years of Experience
Experience Settings Review
Check so see if the options shown are capturing your desired availability categories
Masters > Main Masters > Employment Type
Availability Settings Review
Areas of Speciality*
Check to see if this showing your defined areas of speciality.
Masters > Member Masters > Areas of Interest
Areas Of Speciality Settings Review
Additional Information*
Check to see if this is showing all of your additional information options.
Masters > Member Master > Job Application Information
Additional Information Settings Review