RCSA Agency Users - Frequently Asked Questions

Disclaimer: to all current EntireHR Clients – a number of the standard EntireHR workflows have been altered to accommodate these unprecedented circumstances. Please adhere to the workflows as outlined to avoid double-handling and/or errors.

Q: How do I get agency logins?
A: RCSA will provide you with a User ID and Password. 

If you need an additional login or have forgotten your password, please contact RCSA or support@entiresoftware.com

**Please note RCSA retain the right to login as agency user if required**

Q: What if I have forgotten my password? 
A: Please contact RCSA or support@entiresoftware.com who can provide this

Q: Which browser works best for accessing EntireHR's staff portal?
A: Google Chrome is recommended and considered the most compatible.

Q: Can I access the portal on my mobile device?
A: The staff portal can be accessed via a Laptop or Ipad - however, mobile phone screens are too small to accommodate the portal.

Q: I keep getting an error message saying "This Shift is recently updated. Please refresh the screen to see the updated shift." How do I fix this?

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A: When actions are carried out in the system the data is updated instantaneously however, the allocations screen doesn't automatically refresh.

To ensure your allocation screen is showing that latest data we recommend selecting the refresh Icon found in the Toolbar menu.

Q: What does the number next to my agency name mean?
A: The Agency/Member names are placeholders usually for real people - and the system doesn't let you double book! So since you can't put one person into 100 bookings for the same date and time at once, we have added 100 people per agency to allow this. 

So if you get an alert stopping you from booking someone, try again and be sure you don't select the same number and you should be fine!

Q: Why can't I lock a shift by selecting the tickbox?
A: If a shift cannot be selected and a   is displayed next to the tick box. This indicates another user (either agency or RCSA) is actively working on this shift.

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Hovering over the red padlock will indicate if it is an agency user or RCSA. 

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Alternatively, you can carry out a screen refresh to see if the shift has been unlocked by the agency.

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Q: How can I check if there are new deficits to be filled?
A: Select the Refresh Icon to ensure you have the latest data loaded.

Scroll down to the Process Section to view all available shifts

Q: How do I place a staff member into an RCSA booking?
A: Please follow the steps outlined HERE

Q: How do I provide RCSA with a name change (i.e. nurse A has been replaced with nurse B)?
A: Please follow the steps outlined HERE

Q: What do I do if an agency staff has pulled out of confirmed booking and I am unable to replace them?
A: Contact RCSA directly to advise and they will action these changes in the system.

Q: How do I know if a client has cancelled a confirmed booking?
A: RCSA will notify you via email and/or phone call AND the booking will appear at the top of the FInalise section as Client Cancel. Click HERE for agency action required.
Q: How do I know if an agency has filled a deficit?
A: Shift will be located at the top of in Finalise Section and the centre column will be Pink (example shown below)
Q: How do I know if the agency name has been confirmed to a client (i.e. The Alfred Hospital)?
A: Shift will be located in the Completed Section as Shift Booked and the centre column will be Green (example shown below)

Q: How can I review shift I have confirmed a nurse for / confirmed etc.?

You can use the filters at the top of each column to narrow down bookings until you find the applicable ones.

Appoint Warning Pop-Up 1 (Legal Checks)

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This is due to normal system protocols which tracks each agency staff has a valid visa/police checks/WWCC/required skill set. It is not applicable to RCSA's system usage.

Appoint Warning Pop-Up 2 (Infection Alert)

This is due to normal system protocols tracking agency staff who have attended a CO-VID-19 Infected Location. It is not applicable to RCSA's system usage.

Locked Warning Pop-Up (if you are locked in another shift)

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This means you are still locked into another shift - please select the Image Placeholder  Icon and try again.

"Member" Already Booked for Date & Time Pop-Up Warning

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This means the nominated Agency # (i.e. Agency 2) has been confirmed for a shift for the same date & time. Selecting another Agency # (i.e. Agency 3) should resolve this.

Shift Status Glossary

Shift Entered: 
The shift has been entered into the system by RCSA and is available to be worked on by any agency.

Member Assigned: Agency is in the transition process of filling the booking.

Member Accepted: An agency has covered the deficit and name is yet to be provided by RCSA to the client.

Shift Booked: Booking is confirmed with all parties (agency staff name has been provided and this has been approved with client).

Client Confirmed: A previously booked shift has been updated / agency staff has been swapped + name change required to the facility.

Member Pulled Out: A shift previously listed as Shift Booked has been reopened by RCSA due to the agency staff no longer being able to cover. 

Client Cancel: The shift has been cancelled by the client and is awaiting acknowledgement from the agency.

Shift Cancelled: 
The booking has been cancelled by the client AND the cancellation has been acknowledged by the agency.

If you are encountering any other issues please contact support@entiresoftware.com for assistance.