This program is available in Professional Version 8.10 onwards.

The client compliance program was an extensive development within EntireHR, to address the exponential increase in client compliance requirements for agency staffing. The aim of this program was to simultaneously increase member awareness and acknowledgement of compliances and reduce the potential for human error due to increasingly complex manual checks by internal staff.  

This program has been integrated across the following platforms
  • Staff Web Portal
  • Member App
  • Client Portal
For every booking - specific client requirements can be recorded, tracked and reported by:
  • service location and/ or delivery location
  • qualification
  • expertise
  • training records
  • health records
These compliances will show to members in real-time via their apps prior to accepting a shift. Members who meet the client compliance criteria will be immediately eligible to accept, those who don’t will be able to view, acknowledge and/or submit the relevant documentation for verification and considered for future work opportunities at that site. Importantly, this feature will not inhibit members ability to view bookings but will prevent them from accepting the shift if non-compliant.

Detailed Documents for Client Compliance Implementation, Set Up, and Operations:
Client Compliance Set Up and Implementation - Client Compliance Protocols.pdf
This is the technical breakdown of the set up of this program. This outlines the purpose and recommended application of the program. Additionally, it addresses the alternative options and methods, system loopholes, no-no's and recommended guidelines for activating, altering or deactivating compliances. 

Client Compliance: Default Scripts - Client Compliance Default Scripts.pdf
Set Up includes completely customisable fields for all client compliances - however these templates have created for those clients who prefer uniform structure across the system.

Client Compliance Overview: User Operations Guide - Client Compliance Overview.pdf
This is an comprehensive guide for internal users (staff) to understand the functionality, operation and utilisation of client compliance.

Client Compliance:  Member App Guide -  EntireHR Member App Client Compliances Only.pdf
This is an comprehensive guide for external users (members) to understand the functionality, operation and utilisation of client compliance.