When enabled this program has several checks to ensure Non-Resident Members do not exceed their authorised working hours limit set within the system.

The program calculates total hours booked between Monday-Sunday weekly or fortnightly depending on your system settings. It is important to note that this program does not subtract break times from the total hour's calculation.

To ensure Members do not exceed their Visa working hours limit the system completes the following actions:

In a Search

Within a search, members names will appear in red if the total shift hours will take them over their weekly/fortnightly limit. If you hover your mouse over the members name in a red font it will provide a pop up showing a calculation of the total hours booked for this member within the limit period. i.e. the below member has a limit of 5 hours per week and the message is warning that this shift will exceed their limit of 5 hours for a total of 8 hours if they were booked.

Released Shifts

Members will not see released shifts if the total hours of the shift will take the member over their limit.
In the example below, we have restricted the members working hours limit to 5 hours. In the released section there is only 1 shift is showing that fits the Visa total hours limit and released parameters.

If we were to expand the members working hours limit to 25 hours per week, the member will be able to see a second shift that falls under their Visa hours limit. It is important to note that the system calculates total shifts worked for the week/any given fortnight, if a shift will exceed the members working hours limit within that period it will not be visible to the member.

Appointing Member

The following message will appear if you try to appoint a member to a shift that will exceed their working hours limit.

Note: In Versions 8.8 and lower this message appears as Visa Expiry Date and has been updated to the above message for clarity between the two programs that monitor Visa Requirements.
This program is not to be confused with the Visa Expiry Program that ensures members cannot attend shifts if their Visa has expired or accept a shift if it is past their Visa Expiry date. Further information on the Visa Expiry program will be posted shortly.

Exclusion Period

Certain student visas allow out of session exclusion periods where the Visa holder can work unlimited hours when their course is considered to be out of session. This is captured in EntireHR by entering the Non-Residents out of session dates in the Exclusion Period fields within the Employment Details.

If an exclusion period is entered the system overrides the Visa Hours Regulation Program within the dates set to allow Non-Resident members to work above the working hours limit entered in EntireHR.
For example, the below image would allow this member to work unlimited hours between 20/12/2018 - 02/02/2019

If a member has permanent unlimited working hours limit please do not enter their hours limit as Zero, as this will flag if a member is booked for hours greater than the limit set. Instead, enter hours that are above a standard working week/fortnight for example 70 hours.