To create or edit an email template type please follow the below steps.

To create a new template

1. Access Masters > Main Masters > Email Template Type

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2. Select the + sign to create a new template

The creation screen will appear

3. Enter data against all Mandatory fields marked with a *

Template Name (Mandatory)
This field is where you nominate the name of the template to appear for internal users.

Office (Optional)
You can nominate an office to create and set up different emails if you have specific changes for different office locations.

From Email ID (Mandatory)
This field is required to nominate email ID in which the email will be sent from. If you need to apply a different email ID from the options shown please access the Define Emails section in masters.

User Type (Mandatory)
This field is used to nominate the user type to receive this email. This is mandatory as it will set where the email template will appear in the system dependant on the type of user you are trying to contact.
For example it will not show recruitment email templates for contacting your clients.

Status (Mandatory)
If the status is set to active the template will appear in the system for use, if set to inactive it will not appear.

To edit a template

1. Access Masters > Main Masters > Email Template Type

2. Select the Pencil icon next to the template you wish to update.

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The editor screen will appear.  

3. Once you have updated the all fields click on the green tick to save. 

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