Certain Portals and Apps of EntireHR have adjustable User interface Messages allowing you to customise your communication with Clients, Members, Applicants and Candidates.

Please view below to see what custom interface messages are available in the Portals and Apps

Client, Member, Applicant and Candidate Portals

  • Important Message 
  • Message from CEO 
  • Quote from CEO

Client and Member Apps

  • Important System Messages that will appear on the Apps Dashboard

How to change the User Interface Messages?

For changing the User Interface messages please follow the Instructions below

1. Select Masters found in the top drop down menu.
2. Within Main Masters Select User Interface Massage found in the far right column

This will load the Define Web Message Menu. The Message Group Description will highlight the type of User interface messages belonging to the group i.e. Client Portal , Member App etc.

6. Expand the Message Group by selecting the arrow found in the far left column.

7. Select the Edit pencil next to the message you would like to change. This will expand the message below.

8. Edit the fields you wish to adjust and select the green tick to save changes. NOTE: Please do not Change/Edit 'Message Keyword'