Glossary Terms

Client Cancel
    Defines that a Client has Cancelled a shift after a Member has been Assigned. As opposed Client Withdrawn which is used to defined a shift where the Cancellation takes place prior to a Member being Assigned.
Client Confirm
    Defines that a Client has Confirmed they are satisfied with the Member nominated.
Client Proposed
    Defines that a Member has been Proposed (Suggested) to a Client for a shift and the Agency is still waiting for Confirmation as to whether the Clients wishes to have that Member or not. This option is valuable when offering Members to Clients that are outside the scoped of the original booking. It is important to note that the Member who are Proposed are still visible on shift searches as being avail for work.
Client Request
    Defines that a Client has on booking a shift Requested the individual Member who is named for the shift.
Client Withdrawn
    Defines that a Client has Withdrawn a shift before a Member has been Assigned. It is the opposite Client Cancel which is used to defined a shift where the Cancellation takes place after a Member being Assigned.
Member Accepted
    Defines that Member has Accepted the shift, but they have not yet been Confirmed with Client
Member Assigned
    Defines that one Member has been individually Assigned the shift. This effectively locks all other Members out of the shift. The purpose of Assigning a shift is to individually hold it for just one Member.
Member Broadcast
    Defines that multiple Members have been jointly nominated to a shift. This effectively locks all other Members out of the shift apart from those nominated. If a nominated Member declines the shift, their name is automatically removed from the shift. If Members decline and only one Member is left in the shift Status changes the last person to Assigned thus locking the shift to just them. The purpose of Broadcast is to notify a select group of Members that there is a shift that would suit them and the first one to Accept will win the shift.
Member Compensate
    Defines that a Member need to be financially Compensated for a shift that has been Cancelled and the Client will not be invoiced. For example a it could be a mistake in the booking by the Agency or the Client is not liable for the Cancellation. The purpose of Compensate is to allow for the Member to reimbursed for their entitlement.
Member Decline
    Defines that the Member has Declined a shift offered to them.
 Member Offer
    Defines that the Member has been Offered a shift but they are still to provide there answer. For example a message may have been left with a spouse, but the Agency is yet to hear back from the Member.
Member Pulled Out
    Defines that the Member has Pulled Out of a shift after having originally Accepting it.
Member Removed
    Defines that the Member has been Removed from a particular shift by the Agency. For example the Agency might feel that the swapping of Members to different shifts may be more advantageous.
Shift Booked
    Defines that the Member has Accepted the shift and the Client has Confirmed the Member for the shift. Shift Booked is used as the last function of every Booking.
Shift Cancelled
    Defines that the Member has been informed that the shift has been Cancelled by the Client. When Clients cancel a shift that they have previous Confirmed the Member for the Status changes to "Client Cancel" then to "Shift Cancelled" when the Member is informed. When Members reneges on a shift after Accepting it the Status changes to "Member Pulled Out" then to "Shift Cancelled" when the Client is informed. The purpose of this status is to ensure that the other party to the shift is aware that the shift is cancelled.
Shift Error
    Defines that there has been an error in the entry of the shift and the shift is deleted from the system without effecting the performance percentages of either the Member or Clients concerned.
Shift Release
    Defines that a Shift has been Released (Opened up to) all Members who match the Qualification and Preferences of the shift. With this function all suitable members are able to see the shift on their Member Portals or Apps in a Tab named Shift Release. The Release option is different to Broadcast in that no one is actually nominated for the shift and as such no names are listed against the shift on the Allocations screen. However the Accepting of the Released shift is exactly the same as the Broadcast shift with the first to Accept winning and being Assigned. The purpose of Released Shift is to enable shifts to be offered without searching, which is a valuable option when Allocations Staff are extremely busy. Released shifts can be Assigned or Broadcast.
Shift Unfilled
    Defines that a shift requested by the Client has been left Unfilled Agency. Shift Unfilled does not related to shifts that have been Withdraw or Cancelled by the Client. The system will automatically designate a shift as Unfilled when it is well pass the start time or an Allocator Officer may Update the Unfilled status at anytime.
Timesheet Submitted
    Defines that a booked shift has had the Timesheet Submitted by the Member. This function is not available to the Allocations Officer
CASCOM Released
    Defines that a shift has been released from the CASCOM Interface to all Members who match the required Qualifications and Preferences.