For new users getting started in the project implementation process, you will be provided default email templates that you can customise as per your unique onboarding processes. How and when these emails get sent is detailed right here -> Core Recruitment Emails Tutorial.pdf

Once provided back to your EntireHR account manager through the project portal these will be uploaded into your system.

You can also change these later on simply by contacting your EntireHR support team and asking to do so. 

IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN EDITING EMAIL TXT FILES: do not remove any ****, #### or < >, these represent where coding will automatically be pulling data for you.

Removing or changing the structure of these will cause errors which can be hard to find. All normal text you can see (explanations, welcomes and how do you do's) can be moved and changed at will.

Please note: hyperlinks can be included in the emails, however formatting of text and images/logos cannot…YET (this feature is planned in a future release).