Within EntireHR allocations, there is a field that highlights the current status of a shift known as 'Shift Status'. Each shift status has a corresponding section that helps users to identify where the shift is sitting in the life cycle of being a completed booking. The 4 display sections are: Process, Hold, Finalise and Completed. Further information on each section and the corresponding Shift Statuses can be found below.


Available shifts that have not been pre-allocated to a Member and are required to be filled

Shift Entered - The shift has been entered into the system and is only visible for internal staff and Clients/professionals (providing they have access to App/Portal)
Shift Released - The shift has been entered into the system and visible on the Members App & Portal for all Members matching the shift criteria and released parameters. Here they can accept the shift if they would like to work it.
Member Declined - The Member has declined an offered shift.
Member Removed - The Member has been removed from a shift by the agency.
Member Pulled Out - Member has communicated that they cannot attend a previously accepted shift.


Reserved/holding shift for a nominated individual or group of Members

Member Assigned – A single Member has been allocated to the shift. It will only be visible to this Member and they can accept/decline the shift via App/Portal/Call.
Member Broadcast – Multiple Members have been allocated to the shift. All Members allocated will be able to view and accept/decline in a “First in Best Dressed” system. Once a single Member has accepted the shift it will no longer be available to the other Members who were in the broadcast.


One last action required to finalise shift

Member Accepted - The Member has accepted the shift but the Client has yet to be advised of Members name.
Client Cancel - The Client has cancelled a shift that was previously Shift Booked or Member Accepted, requiring the Member to acknowledge the cancellation.
Client Confirmed - The Member’s name has been confirmed with the Client as attending BUT the Member has yet to accept/decline the shift. (Known as pre-selling)


All bookings are considered ‘closed’ and no further action is needed unless required

Shift Booked - The shift has been accepted/confirmed by all parties i.e. Member has accepted & Client has confirmed.
Shift Cancelled - The shift has been cancelled by the Client & the cancellation has been acknowledged by the Member.
Client Withdrawn - The Client has advised the shift is no longer required prior to filling.
Shift Unfilled – The shift was unable to be filled & the Client has been advised.
Shift Error – The shift was incorrectly entered and does not need to be filled.
Timesheet Submitted - Member has submitted their timesheet after attending the booked shift.

Printable version found here: Shift Status Code Cheat Sheet.docx